It goes a little beyond music

Swim for the music that saves you, when you're not so sure you'll survive.

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Selfie game.. @tayjardine


"I’d kill myself without music. Immediately. Life is pointless without music for me."

- Matty Healy on the meaning of music (x)

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"That’s why me and George can only work together ‘cause George can’t work with another producer because we have our own language, and certain colors that mean things and certain sounds and words that mean other things, we’ve been doing it for ten years"

- Matty Healy on writing with George Daniel (x)

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"Every one of those songs on the album, at some point or another has been the most important song in my life. There’s some songs that we wrote that I hated for six months. And then something in my life reminded me of why I loved the song so much and aspired me to finish it off, and that’s how I think great records are made; made peacefully through human moments. That’s why the majority of our lyrics are quotes, because I’ve lived all of them."

- Matt Healy (via twistaroundthelounge)

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Therapy - All Time Low